Frequently asked questions

Getting started

This varies by type of business and no one knows your business better than you.  You set the reward level based on factors such as your profit margin and the level of exposure you are looking to generate. The more attractive the offer, the more stories you will get tagged in. 

How does it work?

Most customers qualify to become gurus. They must have an active, public Instagram account. Accounts with unusually low engagement and very few posts will not qualify. 

Guru Club’s one-of-a-kind software automatically verifies that a real, public Instagram user has visibly tagged your business’s @handle in their Instagram story. We then monitor that the story until it expires after 24 hours and once that occurs, the customer is rewarded.

All of the content posted by gurus about your brand belongs to your business per the terms of use agreed to by guru shoppers. We save the story content even after the stories expire. You can download your content in the stories tab of your brand admin. 

Almost all of the content that gurus post is amazing!   If there is a story posted that doesn’t fall within your brand guidelines, you can reject the story as long as it hasn’t expired.  You will not be charged a fee and the customer will not be rewarded. 

Yes, we will send you an email containing the content of the story that was posted as soon as the customer presses the “I Posted” button.


Coupons are awarded to gurus in the form of unique discount codes that can only be used towards a purchase from your business’s website or store.

A guru customer is automatically sent a coupon as soon as the story they tag your business in expires.

Yes, simply upload a CSV file of unique coupon or promo codes to our system on the “coupons” tab of your admin.

In your brand admin, you are able to restrict the amount of times a guru shopper can post. You can limit deals to once a day, week or month.


After a 10-day free trial, Guru Club charges a $3 fee each time a story is authenticated by our clearing house and the reward is delivered to a guru.

No, there are no hidden fees.