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Be a guru. @Mention your favorite brands in Instagram Stories and get automatic refunds.


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Increase sales with modern word-of-mouth marketing by incentivizing customers to @mention your brand in Instagram stories.

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The Importance Of Building Customer Relationships In The Golden Age Of E-Commerce

These days, small, scrappy teams can leverage e-commerce platforms and the power of content to quickly scale and surpass previously well-established brands in every category. For these disruptors, the key competitive advantage has been the ability to generate and curate content to form a strong group of like-minded people.

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“I can’t stress this enough – The Guru Club has been a game changer for every one of my clients. Social proof is one of the best ways to generate trust in a brand and validate a quality product – and this product is ahead of the curve. I’ve been able to see conversion rate increase by as much as 30% using Guru Club. This channel is THE next big one, and early adopters are going to greatly benefit – like I’ve seen with my clients” 

– David Lorango VP Marketing, KORAL


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With an easy way to incentivize, reward, and track their shoppers, Slam Goods is able to see great results from using Guru Club.