Stimulate Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Automatically incentivize and reward customers for mentioning your brand in Instagram stories.

Tools for all types of businesses.

Set up an Instagram promotion in minutes. has cracked the code on how to accelerate word-of-mouth marketing. That’s great news for businesses of all sizes.

Real Customer Content



Boost sales by driving traffic and sharing discounts


Engage and retain customers who want to help grow your brand


Generate authentic content created by actual customers


Drive authentic word-of-mouth exposure from customers telling their followers about your business

How it works

  1. Create an offer (Tag us in an Instagram story for a coupon)
  2. Promote it in-store and online
  3. Reward customers with custom coupons automatically

Proven Success

Trusted by 300+ Businesses


Benedicte Engen
Benedicte Engen
CEO & Founder, Viking Waffles
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Extremely happy to have discovered Guru Club - brilliant way to have customers drive product awareness and increase our sales and for us to give back to our beloved customers and create loyalty! The truth is an everyday customer is the most reliable source of truth with our product.
Dan Bresciani
Dan Bresciani
Co-Founder, Loco Coffee
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Guru Club is a win win. It allows our customers to easily share the product with others, get rewarded, and spread brand awareness for us. It is super easy to implement, easy for customers to use, and we continue to see conversions.
Madison Gillespie
Madison Gillespie
CEO & Founder, Bottle Caddy, Fanzy Pets
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This add on is a no brainer for any e-commerce brand!! Content is king in the e-commerce world and this app helps you create organic content from real customers.


Base Fee


per month*

Success Fee


per 100 coupons

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! has been 100% approved by Meta and is fully integrated with Instagram.

Choose whether you want to incentivize customers with a sweepstakes or coupons. When a user mentions your brand in a story on Instagram, they automatically receive an reward as a direct message on Instagram. gives you all of the tools needed to launch and promote successful word-of-mouth campaigns.

  1. Sign up here using your Facebook credentials. *Use a private browser if screen is blank
  2. Customize your offer. (Example: 15% off, $5 off, free item)
  3. Promote your offer everywhere using our incentive tools.

Yes, you must have a Instagram business account linked to a Facebook business account. Make sure you have enabled message sharing with apps in your Meta Business Suite.

Yes, users must have a public account at the time their story is posted.

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