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Review and optimize performance with powerful self-service reporting and understand what sets your brand apart. 

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Guru Profiles

Connect with your shoppers in new ways. Take a 360-degree look at their individual profiles to understand them on a more personal level. Review their activity history, engagement, and costs, then reward them, or establish a direct line of communication.


Track your performance over time to better understand what drives success. Compare monthly KPIs against previous months and use data to inform your decisions and priorities.

Guru Stories

Review the latest stories shared by your gurus. You legally own the rights to this user generated content, and can download it directly from this library. Approve or reject content, access your full content library, and communicate with gurus to provide feedback about what you liked or what you’re looking for.

Monthly KPIs

Watch your potential reach, estimated engaged views and earned value increase as your gurus grow in numbers. Guru Club has researched social media engagement and influencer marketing to calculate your word of mouth marketing performance and the value of time and money being saved.


Sort and filter as you dive into deal metrics to review all your listed deals or get a close-up view of individual deal performance. See data about each deal and take steps to interact with your gurus.


Access a database of all of your gurus in one place. Visualize what your customer base looks like by seeing customer profile pictures. You can also review quick metrics such as their potential reach, amount of estimated engaged views on stories they post, and how many deals they have with you. You also have access to their Instagram handle and a pre-opted in email address that you can use for your email marketing strategy.

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