Guru Club Approved Logo Options

Think of Guru Club’s logo as an automatic refund symbol. When your shoppers see it, they’ll immediately know they have a chance to be your guru, get creative, and save money.


…use Guru Club logos provided below.

These approved logos are free for you to use anytime, anywhere.

…get creative and personal.

Mix and match approved Guru Club text and other assets with these logos to figure out what works for you.


…misuse the Guru Club logo.

Do not rotate, crop, resize, recolor, or otherwise change the Guru Club logo in any way.

…use multiple logo variations at the same time.

Keep it simple! Use one logo at a time to make it easy for your shoppers.

Download approved logo options below.

To download individual assets, click on one of the logo images below. In the top right corner, click on the share arrow icon, then click on “Download”. 

Or – download all