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How it works

Shoppers tag your business in an Instagram story and verify their story at your branded splash page/portal. The shopper receives confirmation that they were entered into the giveaway, or they instantly receive their unique promo code. verifies stories & distributes branded email rewards


Free analytics & content moderation

Proven Success


Benedicte Engen CEO & Founder, Viking Waffles

Extremely happy to have discovered Guru Club - brilliant way to have customers drive product awareness and increase our sales and for us to give back to our beloved customers and create loyalty! The truth is an everyday customer is the most reliable source of truth with our product.

Dan Bresciani Co-Founder, Loco Coffee

Guru Club is a win win. It allows our customers to easily share the product with others, get rewarded, and spread brand awareness for us. It is super easy to implement, easy for customers to use, and we continue to see conversions.

Madison Gillespie CEO & Founder, Bottle Caddy, Fanzy Petz

This add on is a no brainer for any e-commerce brand!! Content is king in the e-commerce world and this app helps you create organic content from real customers.


    We charge a flat $3 fee each time a story for your business has been approved
    $ 3 per validated story
    • Ownership of user-generated content
    • Email addresses with marketing permission
    • Customer Instagram handles
    • Analytics with our gc360 Cloud
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