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You can create your Guru Club account before, during, or even after your purchase. Simply use the same email address for your Guru Club account and your Shopify checkout to ensure the cashback reward goes to the right person – you!

Creating an account is quick and easy. Simply provide your email and Instagram. We’ll let you know instantly if you qualify.

Almost anyone! All you need is an active, public Instagram account. Guru Club uses an algorithm to detect fraud and account inactivity. If your account does not qualify, you will be immediately notified.

We want to help everyday shoppers earn rewards on their purchases by sharing their creativity and showing some brand love. We want to keep spam or fake accounts out of it – real, authentic people make the best gurus!

After you receive your items, take a picture of them and post it on your Instagram story. Make sure to tag the brand! Some gurus share themselves unboxing their items, using the products, holding them up in front of the camera… get creative! Here are 3 ideas from our team to get you started.

Simply shop your favorite brands and check out using the same email affiliated with your Guru Club account. After you receive your product, take a photo of it within 60 days of purchase and share it on your Instagram story! Make sure to @mention the brand’s Instagram in your story and leave it up for the full 24 hours. Our system automatically validates your authentic story and sends your cashback as a partial refund to the payment method from the original purchase.

Your story needs to be up for the full 24 hours (the length of time a story lasts on Instagram). After that, your cashback will begin processing automatically and immediately. Since it comes in the form of a partial refund to your original payment method, you may have to wait 3-5 days before seeing it. You can check its status in your guru wallet anytime.

Your cashback will go straight back to the payment method you used to make your purchase. It will appear as a partial refund on that purchase within 3-5 days.

You pay the full price now, but you’ll get the cashback as soon as your story tagging the brand reaches the 24-hour mark. If you bought a $30 item with $10 cashback, you’ll see the $10 cashback as a partial refund on whatever payment method you used.

A tip is additional store credit the brand can choose to give you if they love what you post. Tips from the brand can only be used with that store and is separate from the cashback reward set for the item. Check out our advice about earning tips from brands.

Yes, you must share at least one Instagram story per item to receive cashback. Make sure to share a photo of the actual item AFTER you receive it!

If you don’t share an Instagram story that @mentions the brand within 60 days, there’s no penalty – but there’s no reward either! You won’t get your cashback, the opportunity to create content and be recognized, or the chance to get tipped by the brand… don’t miss out. Share your story and be a guru.

That’s up to the brand! Brands decide whether to offer cashback storewide or on specific products. They also choose the amount of cashback you can receive.

Brands sometimes only offer cashback on specific products, not storewide. The cashback offer might also only appear in your cart, so make sure to check there.

Your cashback/refund will be applied to your final installment. For example, if you bought a $100 product with a $10 cashback offer, and you were paying 4 installments of $25, your final installment charge would only be $15. Learn more about how Sezzle handles partial refunds.