It's simple - become a guru, share a story, and get direct cashback.

Get automatic cashback and extra rewards just for @mentioning your favorite brands on Instagram.

How It Works

1. Shop

Shop your favorite brands and explore trusted products you want. Sign up for Guru Club before, during or after your purchase. 

2. Share a Story

After you receive your product, take a photo! Share a fun and creative Instagram story and @mention the brand.

3. Get Paid

Save on your purchases. Get cashback from the brand when you share your creations
(+ gain extra tips for amazing content!)

Unleash Your Creativity

Get Cashback. Lots Of It.

Simply purchase your favorite products and leave a story on your Instagram for at least 24 hours to immediately receive cashback from brands. Make sure to @mention the brand’s Insta.

Receive Tips from Brands

If a brand absolutely loves your creative content or profile, they can choose to leave you an extra tip on top of your cashback reward that you can use towards more purchases.

Learn what works best

Bring Your Favorite Brands to Life

Have the freedom to make creative content about your purchases. Express yourself and be heard by your friends and the brands you @mention.

Grow Your Instagram Account

Brands love re-posting Guru Club shoppers’ content. Get real followers and boost your engagement by being featured by your favorite brands on Instagram.

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Hear from Gurus

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“I love shopping online and I usually mention my favorite brands on IG. Now I get cashback for doing it!” 

Jenny Ly

“Being a guru allows me to express my creativity and save a ton of money at the same time. I can’t wait for more of my favorite brands to start using it!”

Miles Wright

“With Guru Club, I’ve never had such an easy time trying out new products and staying in budget!”

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create your Guru Club account before, during, or even after your purchase. Simply use the same email address for your Guru Club account and your Shopify checkout to ensure the cashback reward goes to the right person – you!

Creating an account is quick and easy. Simply provide your email and Instagram. We’ll let you know instantly if you qualify.

Almost anyone! All you need is an active, public Instagram account. Guru Club uses an algorithm to detect fraud and account inactivity. If your account does not qualify, you will be immediately notified.

We want to help everyday shoppers earn rewards on their purchases by sharing their creativity and showing some brand love. We want to keep spam or fake accounts out of it – real, authentic people make the best gurus!

Simply shop your favorite brands and check out using the same email affiliated with your Guru Club account. After you receive your product, take a photo of it within 60 days of purchase and share it on your Instagram story! Make sure to @mention the brand’s Instagram in your story and leave it up for the full 24 hours. Our system automatically validates your authentic story and sends your cashback as a partial refund to the payment method from the original purchase.