Empower your customers to build your business.

Get a 360-degree view of your customers by incentivizing them to tell your story.

Free to install, only pay when you use it. 

How It Works

Our simple-to-set-up Shopify App allows you to automatically incentivize and reward your customers for using social media to promote the products they have purchased from you in the last 60 days. Shoppers can sign up before, during or after their purchase. 

Over 100 brands are selling & engaging with gurus

Let's Get Real

Advertise More Effectively

Stop wasting money on traditional influencer marketing and incentivize your shoppers to drive more sales instead. Reward them for telling your story, help drive further brand awareness, and grow your business.

Access Creative Content

Your shoppers have a lot to offer when it comes to unique, authentic content that can inspire your next marketing decision. Let them bring your brand to life with creations you can own and leverage however you want.

Grow Your Instagram Account 

Get the word out about your brand as your shoppers share content and @mention you on Instagram. Their creations are proof that you’re on the right track, from startups to product launches and much more.

Increase Conversions

Provide a Guru Club incentive at checkout to drastically increase your conversion rate.

Proven Success

Learn how other brands are driving sales and brand awareness with Guru Club

Loco Coffee

Drink Loco customers are generating 325 unique engaged views from their friends, family, and peers with each story they post.

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Slam Goods

With an easy way to incentivize, reward, and track their shoppers, Slam Magazine is able to see great results from using Guru Club.

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Incentivize Anytime, Anywhere

Tell your customers about this exciting new opportunity. Get in front of them early and often to maximize your reach, sales, and user-generated content.

  • Include inserts with QR codes in shipments to customers. Create Your Own

  • Advertise on Instagram – we’ll pay for up to half your campaign. Launch a Campaign

  • Share information through social, email, and your website. Explore Assets

We have plenty of co-marketing resources for you to promote Guru Club to your shoppers with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my brand get started?

Simply install the Guru Club Shopify App and select the options that best suit your brand’s needs. You can choose how much cashback to offer your shoppers and decide where to show the promotion: on product pages, in the cart, or at checkout.

How do I tell my brand’s shoppers about Guru Club?

You can promote deals throughout your site using our Brand Co-Marketing Resources. These resources include email templates, approved messaging, and more. Make sure to talk to your shoppers early and often about Guru Club to increase sales and content. See All Resources

How is the cashback amount decided?

You choose how much cashback your shoppers can get. You can decide a specific amount per item, a set amount across your store, or whatever works best for you. You have complete flexibility to change your cashback amounts at any time.

How does cashback work?

Shoppers must pay full price when making the initial purchase. New users would need to create their Guru Club account before, during or after their purchase. They have 60 days to share an Instagram story and @mention your brand about their purchase. After they share a story, Guru Club authenticates it, and the shopper will receive automatic cashback in the form of a partial refund back to the payment method they used.

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