Build rich relationships with your shoppers. Automatically generate content, exposure, and feedback.

Track your results, collect valuable customer insights, and access your content library with our gc360° Cloud.



How It Works

Our simple-to-set-up Shopify App allows your shoppers to participate in automatic customer-endorsement deals with your brand by sharing Instagram Stories about the products they purchase from you. Collaborate with your customers by automatically incentivizing and refunding your customers for tagging your brand in the stories they post. Shoppers can sign up before  purchase or up to 60 days after.


1. Set Automatic 
Refund Amount

Entice shoppers with automatic refunds to increase conversions. You choose how much your shoppers can get back for their stories in the form of a partial refund.


2. Convert Shoppers 
Into Gurus

Promote the Guru Club incentive to your shoppers during the checkout process or up to 60 days after they have made a purchase. Drastically increase conversions and average order value while decreasing cart abandonment.


3. Powerful Creative Content & Self Reporting

Access and use creative content created by your customers to promote your brand and quickly review KPIs such as engaged views, earned value, and estimated CPV, along with trending performance stats right off the Guru Club portal.

Gain a 360º view of your shoppers

Build a deep human connection with your shoppers by understanding who they are and how they interact with your brand. Motivate your shoppers to post and share your products through Guru Club and start building brand loyalty. You will not only raise sales through these automatic micro-endorsement deals, but you will start gaining insights into your gurus through their posts. Identify shopper habits, get to know them, and connect directly with them using Guru Club’s powerful automated tools to gain trust and raise their brand advocacy.

  • Easily download and use your gurus’ creative content
  • Get to know your gurus with a full view of their profile
  • Communicate directly with your gurus
  • Automatically reward your gurus and raise brand loyalty

Self Reporting with the gc360° Cloud

Your portal allows you to dive into your results to better understand performance and deepen your relationship with your shoppers.  Gain access to more guru content and all the analytics that will help grow your brand. Stats include:

  • Social Reach and Cost per View
  • Earned Value and Top-Performing Products
  • Guru Profile

Co-Marketing Resources

We provide easy to use co-marketing resources to promote Guru Club to your shoppers with ease. Get in front of your shoppers early and often to maximize your reach, sales, and user-generated content with easy to use marketing assets.

  • Add information about Guru Club throughout your site to promote refund opportunities and increase sales. Explore Assets
  • Include inserts with postcards and QA codes in shipments to customers. Create Your Own

  • Advertise on Instagram – we’ll pay for up to half your campaign. Launch a Campaign

Proven Success

Learn how other brands are driving sales and brand awareness with Guru Club

HUNDREDS of brands are selling, engaging and connecting with gurus



All the tools you need to incentivize, monitor, and reward customers for tagging your brand on Instagram


Everything you get with Free:


Data-driven automation and optimization tools for businesses that want to grow faster and smarter

$40 /MONTH

Everything in Free, plus:


Custom integrations for enterprises who want to reap the benefits of being a guru club partner

2%  of product sale

(Upon story completion, max fee $10)

For non-Shopify merchants

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my brand get started?

Simply install the Guru Club Shopify App and select the options that best suit your brand’s needs. You can choose how much you want to refund to your shoppers and decide where to show the promotion: on product pages, in the cart, or at checkout.

How do I tell my shoppers about Guru Club?

You can promote deals throughout your site using our Brand Co-Marketing Resources. These resources include email templates, approved messaging, and more. Make sure to talk to your shoppers early and often about Guru Club to increase sales and content. See All Resources

How is the automatic refund amount decided?

You choose what percentage of each purchase you would like to refund to your shoppers. You can set a flat amount across your store, and can also set a maximum cashback limit that would never be exceeded. You have complete flexibility to change your refund amounts at any time.

How do the automatic refunds work?

Shoppers must pay full price when making the initial purchase. New users would need to create their Guru Club account before, during or after their purchase. They have 60 days to tag your brand in an Instagram story of their purchase. After they share a story, Guru Club authenticates it, and the shopper will receive an automatic refund in the form of a partial refund back to the payment method they used.

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