Case Study:
Snow Teeth Whitening

“Such a great way to get shoppers to promote your product and create a community. They do all the heavy lifting so it’s a no brainer for Shopify store owners.”


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Building Trust with their Target Audience

Snow Teeth Whitening faced three major hurdles in increasing brand awareness and building trust with their shoppers. First, they were up against well-known brands selling teeth whiteners such as Crest. Second, their products were not just $5 trinkets; they required bigger investments from their shoppers. Third, their products were intended for use in the mouth, meaning shoppers really needed to trust them to buy and use them.

What They Needed

While Snow Teeth Whitening already had some celebrity endorsements, the Edelman Trust Barometer 2019 report indicated that peer recommendations are seen as twice as reliable for shoppers. To prove their value and trustworthiness to their shoppers, Snow Teeth Whitening needed other everyday shoppers to try, love, and spread the word about their products.

What They Accomplished

Offering cashback rewards to shoppers encouraged them to give Snow Teeth Whitening a try. Tying those rewards to sharing Instagram stories guaranteed a high potential reach, along with creative content and endorsements from their shoppers. Every shopper who has purchased a Snow Teeth Whitening product through Guru Club so far has shared creative content with something positive to say about the brand, reaching an audience of their friends and peers – the brand’s target audience – with the message that they can be trusted.