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Staying Ahead of the Times

Slam Magazine is familiar with change, having evolved many times to remain relevant and competitive since getting started in 1994. They were quick to establish an online presence, sell streetwear and apparel, and market hip-hop culture and basketball as one. It’s no surprise that Slam is among the first to recognize the importance of having real shoppers share real experiences with their brand story, and to adopt Guru Club to reach and reward those shoppers.

What They Needed

Slam Magazine needed an authentic way to reach and reward their loyal customers for sharing authentic, creative content about their purchases through Slam Online. Their wide range of offerings includes news, magazines, kicks, and apparel, so they needed an easy-to-use option that wouldn’t interrupt the sales flow but would still add value and incentive for their shoppers to make purchase decisions and follow up by sharing Instagram stories promoting their brand.

What They Accomplished

With an easy way to incentivize, reward, and track their shoppers, Slam Magazine is able to see great results from using Guru Club and earn awesome content from their shoppers. Orders flow through their online store just like they normally do, but shoppers are more motivated to check out with the promise of a cashback reward. Not only that, but 100% of their shoppers who have checked out through Guru Club so far have completed their end of the deal by sharing quality content about the Slam Online products they have purchased.