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Promoting the Sweet Life and Encouraging Creativity

The Nectar Sunglasses mission says it all: “We believe in every individual’s right to pursue The Sweet Life, to be their most creative self, and never lose their passion for adventure.” This aspiration drives Nectar Sunglasses in building relationships with their shoppers and promoting their products as a way for each shopper to achieve “The Sweet Life.”

What They Needed

As a brand that celebrates the individual, Nectar Sunglasses needed a way to customize their brand experience so each shopper would feel validated for being unique, creative, and more. They also needed a way for shoppers to share their customized brand experience to prove that Nectar Sunglasses lives up to their mission statement, and so that new shoppers could envision their own version of “The Sweet Life” with Nectar Sunglasses.

What They Accomplished

Guru Club offers a way for Nectar Sunglasses to encourage their shoppers to be creative and adventurous. Shoppers are incentivized to purchase the pair of sunglasses that suits their individuality, then share about their purchases in a creative way that validates their individuality. Nectar Sunglasses is able to reward their shoppers for pursuing “The Sweet Life” and empower them to be creative. This level of personalized brand experience and strong brand-to-shopper relationship building is only possible through Guru Club.