Case Study:
ISlide USA

“Very easy to get set up! The team is also incredibly responsive to questions. App is easy to manage and orders flow straight into your Orders section just like an ordinary order. Great content in return!”


Stories Posted by Guru Shoppers


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Content That Tells a Story

ISlide USA was able to autmatically generate a wealth of user generated content and attract new customers. Since 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertising (Nielsen), actively leveraging user-generated content supports the image of the ISlide brand as a popular and trustworthy choice for their target audience.

What They Needed

As a company that is built on the basis of expressing creativity, iSlide relies on customers sharing photos of their products on social media. They also leverage UGC on their website, and need to constantly rotate content so that it’s recent, relevant, and high-quality. To grow sustainably, they needed a way to attract new customers while also earning great content and peer-to-peer recommendations from their existing customers.

What They Accomplished

Thanks to Guru Club, ISlide is reaching more people than ever because their shoppers are talking about their purchases online. Before Guru Club, they also had no way of tracking whether shoppers were sharing on social media. Now they can see that shoppers who are making purchases through Guru Club are posting quality UGC on their Instagram stories and engaging their friends and families in the ISlide brand story.