Case Study:
Ice Shaker

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Standing Out in a Saturated Market

Ice Shaker faced heavy competition from other companies making protein shaker bottles and insulated tumblers. The usual marketing strategies of paying for social ads and influencer programs were not enough to make their stellar products and unique brand stand out from the crowd.

What They Needed

To reach and build trust with their target audience, they needed authentic reviews from real customers being shared on social media. Customers report that peer recommendations are twice as important to them than celebrity or influencer endorsements (Edelman Trust Barometer 2019). This means incentivizing customers to make recommendations to their peers is a huge opportunity for brands.

What They Accomplished

With Guru Club, Ice Shaker can offer cashback rewards to customers who share stories and posts on Instagram about their cups and bottles. As a result, not only do they gain access to an audience of their customers’ friends and peers, they also earn original, unique, and creative content and build brand loyalty and trust.