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Hilo Nutrition


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Content from Hilo Nutrition Gurus

Based on Instagram engagement data from Statista, we estimate that each story posted by a Hilo Nutrition customer is generating at least 246 engaged views from their friends, family, and peers.

With a 20% rebate set, and 5% going to Guru Club, an authentic @mention on Instagram is costing Hilo Nutrition $13.86 on average. That is a cost per view (CPV) of $.06. As a relevant benchmark, CPVs for locally-targeted campaigns on YouTube range between $0.10 to $0.30.

While paying advertising platforms and big influencers for ads can help brands reach a large target audience, Guru Club provides the amazing, unique advantage of reaching qualified prospects through peer-to-peer marketing. Several studies have proven that shoppers are more inclined to trust product recommendations directly from people they know. This makes Guru Club highly cost-efficient, much more authentic, and most importantly, shoppers love it!

Hilo Nutrition is also receiving ownership of every unique piece of content when @mentioned.

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