Case Study:
5Pro Nutrition

“By installing Guru Club, we saved HUGE amounts of time trying to create content and get our customers to tag us on Instagram. We were able to use this extra time to focus on other aspects of our business.” – 5Pro Nutrition


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Earning Trust in their Promise

5Pro Nutrition had a big promise to deliver on: healthy protein cookies that still tasted amazing. They had a wide audience to develop trust with, since their cookies are perfect for all lifestyles, from health gurus, shoppers on a diet, fitness fanatics, or snack lovers who wanted the best of both health and flavor. The best way to earn trust with those shoppers: incentivize their peers to become 5Pro Nutrition gurus.

What They Needed

Because of the increasing influence of trust in consumer shopping behavior, 5Pro Nutrition needed to show that they deliver on that promise every time through real shoppers sharing their real experiences. They needed a way to incentivize their shoppers to spread the word about their brand and products, along with an enticing reason for new shoppers to make that purchase decision and give 5 Pro Nutrition a try.

What They Accomplished

Guru Club provided everything 5 Pro Nutrition needed to incentivize new and existing shoppers to make purchases and become gurus for their brand. Through these gurus who are excitedly sharing about their protein cookies, they are able to reach a wide audience and build a reputation as a brand that follows through on what they promise.