Brand Support

Yes, your shopper must share at least one Instagram story per item to receive an automatic partial refund for each item. 

Most shoppers qualify. They must have an active, public Instagram account. Accounts with unusually low engagement and very few posts will not qualify. Learn more about why everyday shoppers have more authentic influence than traditional “influencer” accounts.

All of the content posted by your shoppers about your brand belongs to your brand. This content is ready for download and use in the gallery page of your Guru Club Shopify app. Not sure how to use your UGC? We have some ideas.

If a shopper doesn’t share an Instagram story within 60 days, they do not receive their automatic refund and your brand keeps the full purchase amount instead. 

Shoppers must pay full price when making the initial purchase. New users would need to create their Guru Club account or they can log in to their existing account and link their purchase. They have 60 days to share an Instagram story and @mention your brand about their purchase. After they share a story, Guru Club authenticates it, and the shopper will receive an automatic refund in the form of a partial refund back to the payment method they used. 

You choose how much to automatically refund to your shoppers. You can decide a specific amount per item, a set percentage across your store, or whatever works best for you. You have complete flexibility to change your automatic refund amounts at any time. 

A tip is additional store credit you can choose to give your gurus based on the quality of their stories. Tips from your brand can only be used with your store and are separate from the automatic refunds set for the item. Check out our advice about tipping your gurus.

Simply install the Guru Club Shopify App and select the options that best suit your brand’s needs. You can choose how much of an automatic refund to offer your shoppers and decide where to show the promotion: on product pages, in the cart, or at checkout.

The partial refund is applied to the final installment the customer owes you. For example, if a customer bought a $100 product with a $10 rebate, and they are paying 4 installments of $25, their final installment charge would only be $15. Learn more about Sezzle’s refund process.