Merchant Co-Marketing Resources

Get Guru Club in front of your shoppers with ease.

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On-Site Messaging

Add information about Guru Club throughout your site to promote refund opportunities and increase sales.

Launch Materials

Tell your shoppers to say hello to Guru Club. Explain this amazing automatic refund opportunity to your shoppers and show them how to sign up and start getting refunds.


Always On

Talk about Guru Club anytime, anywhere. Leverage our approved messaging and assets easily across any of your marketing initiatives.

Tips and Advice

1. Your initial automatic partial refund amount should be more than 10-15%. When you first launch Guru Club, you want to make a splash and spark a frenzy of customers tagging your brand! This will start a wave that will be unstoppable. 

2. Use as many co-marketing materials as you can. The more customers that you get to sign up for and use Guru Club, the more brand awareness your brand will generate. The package inserts and the email snippets are among the best ways to convert customers into Gurus

3. Upgrade to Standard… its just $40/month, and you get to download all of the user generated content your customers create for you. You also get access to customer profiles that include their pre-opted in email addresses, Instagram accounts, followers, engagement data, and more! Another perk of standard is that you get to see all of your deals, and keep track of extremely important KPIs. Check out our Pricing for more info.