How is Guru Club Different? Get Fast, Reliable, Direct Cashback

There seems to be no shortage of apps, websites, and games these days that offer rewards, gift cards, or the chance to cash out. Most of them are not reliable, give you points to redeem instead of direct cash, or have strict guidelines that force you to jump through hoops to redeem your rewards.

Guru Club is here to change that.

It is our goal to provide shoppers like you with a fast and seamless cashback experience. Buy what you love from the brands you love, share an Instagram story, and get direct cashback automatically (no need to cash out!).

What makes Guru Club so fast and reliable?

At Guru Club, there are no restrictions or hoops to jump through. Just shop normally and share an Instagram story that @mentions the brand. Once your story has been up for the full 24 hours, your cashback will begin processing automatically and immediately. Your fast, reliable cashback appears as a partial refund on your original method of payment.

Unlike other popular “money-saving” services, you don’t have a minimum or maximum withdrawal amount. You also get direct cashback – no more remembering to cash out or redeem points! Most importantly, Guru Club won’t take a cut of your reward. What you get is 100% yours, and goes right back into your wallet.

No need to redeem points for gift cards!

Earning points for purchases can be fun until the time comes to redeem them, and you’re faced with exchanging your hard-earned points for a handful of specific rewards. With services like Wikibuy, users have the opportunity to earn “credits” from partner stores to exchange for select gift cards instead of actual cash. Users also must wait 7 days or more after purchase to use their points.

Don’t settle for “cash-value” offers – get the actual cash you deserve. We made sure you get the true, full value of your cashback, as simply and quickly as possible.

Receive cashback instantly instead of waiting for "payday"

We believe you should get your cashback as fast as possible. With Guru Club, there is no waiting game or limit to how much cashback you can get. In comparison, some popular services such as Rakuten (formerly Ebates) have a maximum of 4 payouts per year – and only if you’ve accumulated at least $5 within 3 months.

Our goal is to provide our gurus with fast, reliable cashback for purchases. That’s why your cashback comes in the form of a partial refund that goes directly back to your original payment method. We never make you wait for a payout or check.

Instead of waiting for “payday” or to accumulate enough points, simply share an Instagram story and @mention the brand. After 24 hours (the length of time a story lasts on Instagram), your cashback will start processing automatically and immediately.

Know where your money is at all times

Your security and privacy are extremely important to us. Guru Club will never hold your money, so it’s either in your pocket or with the brand you shopped from.

When you make a purchase, you pay directly the brand through their secure, encrypted payment options. After your Instagram story has been up for the full 24 hours, your cashback comes straight back to you as a partial refund on your original payment method.

Become a guru and experience the difference right away!

Creating your Guru Club account is fast and easy. We’re adding new brands every day, so you have endless options of your favorite online stories to shop with. If you are having trouble seeing cashback offers, please refer to our FAQ page or contact us.

After patiently waiting to receive your shipment from the brand, we want your cashback to arrive as fast as possible. Simply share a story on Instagram and tag the brand, and make sure to log into your Guru wallet and click “I Posted”. Once your story has been up for the full 24 hours, your cashback will begin processing automatically.

What are you waiting for? Join the Club today and start earning the cashback you deserve!