Comparing the Benefits of Email Marketing & Automatic Refunds

It’s no secret that email marketing is a major driver of leads and sales. In fact, 60% of consumers subscribe to emails from brands precisely because they want to receive promotions. With their high open and click rates, email marketing is a great way for things like telling customers about deals and reminding them about products they left in their carts. But what if you could do all that, AND earn more leads, spread brand awareness, get unique and authentic content, and more?

Here’s how offering automatic refunds can give you the benefits of email marketing with even more perks:

1. Earning leads and increasing conversions

You’re probably familiar with the email capture tactics on e-commerce websites such as spin to win, new customer deals, or exit intent popups. These are great for building an email list and enticing shoppers who are new to your site. However, they come with a few limitations.

For one thing, you have to get shoppers to your site in the first place before you can offer these deals. That means paying for social ads or creating content and campaigns to get in front of your audience, in addition to giving them a discount on their purchase. Another limitation is that while these might increase conversions and get you more sales, you don’t get the added benefits of word-of-mouth marketing, creative content from your shoppers, and the other perks that come with automatic refund incentives.

By offering automatic refunds in return for content, you can…

  • Earn leads and increase conversions just like you would with email capture tactics. Display your automatic refund offer early and often on your site. You can choose where to show this offer: in a popup, on product pages, in the cart… anywhere that works for you.
  • Reach new audiences without spending ad dollars. Your shoppers post content to earn automatic refunds, putting your brand in front of their friends and family. Since 92% of people trust reviews from friends and family more than ads from brands, this already gives you a competitive edge.
  • Gain audience insights and creative, authentic, unique content straight from your customers. Learn more about who your customers are, who their friends are, what they love about your brand, other brands they shop with, and more. And don’t forget: the content they share is yours to own and leverage however you want!

2. Customer retention and winback

Another great benefit of email marketing is that you can keep in touch with your shoppers and entice them to shop with you again if time has passed since their last purchase by sending them exclusive winback offers. Offering automatic refunds empowers you to do the same and more.

Collect your customers’ information and connect with them through both email AND social. Send them private, secure messages and encourage them to shop with you again. Automatic Refunds alone are a huge incentive for shoppers to return to you: 86% of Gen Z and millennials say they would love to post content about brands for money.

Beyond that, you can also send tips to customers to tempt them back to your online store. Tips come in the form of additional discount codes they can get on their next purchase and Instagram story share. When you send them a tip, they earn it exclusively by shopping with you!

3. Gaining content and customer insights

Some email marketing platforms provide limited audience analytics, such as predicted age and demographics, behaviors and preferences based on their interactions with your emails. However, they don’t offer the in-depth look at your customers that comes with having direct access to their social profiles. You know what else you don’t get? Authentic, creative content created uniquely by your shoppers.

Every marketer knows the importance of knowing your audience. What better way to get to know your audience than seeing what they post and what they buy, connecting with them on social and through email, and learning about the people and brands they interact with most? Gain valuable insights and unique content from your shoppers.

Of course, email marketing is not going anywhere. The good news is, you can use both email marketing and Guru Club to mutually benefit each other! Let your shoppers know through email about this amazing opportunity to get automatic refunds on their purchases, just for sharing Instagram stories about what they buy from you. Check out our sample launch email for inspiration.