5 Mindblowing Tricks for Instagram Stories

Getting cashback is easy with Guru Club. But did you know you can also get tips from the brand? A tip is extra cashback brands give their top gurus to use next time you shop with them. You can get tips by getting creative and making your Instagram story stand out.

We shared three fun and easy tools you can use to up your Instagram story game, but did you know you can use some tricks directly in the Instagram app too? Check out these five awesome tricks and take your stories from awesome to UNBELIEVABLE!

1. Include multiple photos

People have been wanting this Instagram Stories feature for years. They are starting to roll this sticker out to some accounts, but if this is not available to you yet, there’s actually a very simple alternative way to do this! Here’s how:

  • Find the photo you want in your camera roll
  • Click the share/export button, then choose “Copy”
  • Go back to your Instagram story and tap the screen like you’re adding text
  • Tap the screen again and tap “Paste” when it shows up

That’s all it takes! You can make the photo bigger or smaller, tap to mirror it, or move it around however you want.

2. Customize your colors

When you’re drawing or adding text, there’s a row of color options at the bottom to add an easy pop of color. But you can also customize your colors easily in two different ways.

#1: Use the color picker. Next to the row of colors, all the way on the left, there’s a small eyedropper icon. Tap it, then slide your finger all around the screen. You can choose any color from your Instagram story to pick the perfect shade for text and drawings!

#2: Adjust the preset colors. Tap and hold any of the color options in the row. After a moment, you’ll see a rainbow of colors come up! Slide up and down to get lighter or darker versions of the base color you chose, or left and right for different colors on the spectrum.

3. Mix text colors or add a gradient

Customizing your text colors is just the first step. Another cool thing you can do is make a single word or letter pop out, or add a gradient to your full text.

To change the color of a single word or letter in your text, simply highlight that one word and change the color. Easy!

Creating a color gradient is a little trickier. First, make sure your text is all in one line. Then, follow these steps:

  • Highlight your text (tap the text and choose Select All).
  • With one finger, press and hold the end of your text.
  • With another finger, press and hold a color until the spectrum color picker pops up.
  • Slide both fingers at the same time to quickly change your text color letter by letter. Be sure to stop when the last letter is STILL HIGHLIGHTED – otherwise, your whole text color will change!
  • As you get better at this, you’ll be able to customize your color gradient in many ways.
Watch the demonstration video to the left if you need more help!

4. Turn Live photos into Boomerangs

There’s a small catch to this hack: the live photo you choose needs to be from the last 24 hours. If it is, then this hack is super easy: just pick a live photo from your camera roll, then press and hold your screen until you see the word “Boomerang” pop up. Let go – and voila! Your Live photo is now a Boomerang.

5. Pin text, stickers, and emojis.

Instead of just adding these items on top of your videos and boomerangs, you can actually pin them to the perfect moment in the clip so they show up exactly when you want them to!

All you have to do is:

  • Record or upload your video normally
  • Add whatever text, stickers, or emojis you want
  • Tap and hold the item you want to pin
  • Use the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the video
  • Tap “Pin” and wait for it to load

Then, watch and enjoy!

Use Instagram's in-app stickers

Instagram is adding new fun stickers all the time. When you’re creating your story, simply swipe up on your screen to access the full menu of creative things you can add to your story, such as…

  • Location. Pretty self-explanatory – tag where you are! You can search nearby locations or simply start typing.
  • @Mention. You can @mention brands with text, but you can also use this sticker! Make sure to tag a brand’s Instagram to get your cashback.
  • #Hashtag. Add this sticker, and you’ll see Instagram’s suggested hashtags. You can also check out a brand’s story to see what hashtags they’re using.
  • GIF. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We wonder how many a GIF is worth!
  • Music. Set your story’s mood with a favorite or relevant melody.
  • Poll. Get some input from your friends and family. Hint, hint: brands love to see you share polls too.

And many, many more!

Did you know all of these tricks? Which ones are you most excited to try? We can’t wait for you to get cashback and tips for your extra-creative Instagram stories.