4 Ways to Boost Sales With Gurus

As we head into Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holidays, brands everywhere are doing their best to innovate and boost sales. How can you make your brand stand out? The answer: your gurus. Here are 4 ways you can use your gurus to build and maintain momentum during Black Friday and all the way through the holiday season.

1. Offer an extra incentive

Whether you’re already using Guru Club or you’re completely new to our easy-to-use Shopify app, offering your customers an extra incentive in the form of a partial refund on their purchase is the perfect way to drive sales and increase conversions. If you haven’t tried Guru Club yet, you can install and get started completely free!

Offering this type of cashback reward lets you increase trust, loyalty, sales, and more while saving you time and money compared to paid ads and influencer deals. We recommend increasing the amount your customers can earn during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to entice loyal and new shoppers alike to make purchases and share about your brand to their friends.

2. Get them to spread the word

86% of young people want to get paid for posting content about brands on social media, and 90% of shoppers trust their peers for purchase recommendations. Take advantage of this by offering partial refunds. Guru Club incentivizes your shoppers to post Instagram Stories tagging your brand, giving you the perks of customer referrals in a much more authentic and trustworthy way.

Not only that, but if you make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales more enticing with the chance to get partial refunds, it gives your customers a reason to tell their friends and family to jump on the opportunity as well! Make them so excited about their deal that they rave about you to everyone they know – then watch the sales roll in.

3. Use their unique content during the holidays

The more rewards you offer to shoppers during your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, the more user-generated content (UGC) you’ll get from your gurus as they post about you on their Instagram Stories. Usually during the holidays, you’re competing with countless other brands for paid ad impressions and engagements. But UGC can do so much that paid ads can’t!

UGC earns a much higher engagement rate than standard brand posts, and it shows other shoppers that their peers authentically love your brand and products. This creates trust and reliability among highly qualified prospects, and introduces shoppers to your brand in an organic, non-invasive way. Read about the 5 things UGC can do that paid ads can’t compare to.

4. Build your relationship with them

They say knowledge is power, and Guru Club’s gc360° Cloud gives you valuable knowledge about your customers. Build a deep human connection with your shoppers by better understanding who they are and how they interact with your brand. Our self-service dashboard provides you with insights into your gurus through their posts.

Gain access to more guru content and all the analytics that will help grow your brand. Use Guru Club to boost sales from Black Friday all the way through the holiday season, giving you a strong start to the new year with more gurus, more UGC, and more sales than before!

Ready to start boosting your performance?