3 Reasons You Should Tip Your Shoppers

What’s the value in tipping your customers on top of the cashback rewards they’re earning? A tip is additional store credit (separate from the automatic cashback amount) that you can choose to give your gurus. The best part? Tips can only be used with your store.

Here are three reasons you should tip your shoppers – and some guidelines to help you decide when and who to tip.

1. Encourage more posts from your most creative shoppers.

Tip shoppers with high engagement and creative posts – and let them know you love their posts and want to see more! This lets them know they’re doing something right, and entices them to share even more fun, authentic creations about your brand to their friends and followers. And, since the store credit can only be used with your store, tips are extra motivation for them to make another purchase with you.

2. Provide creative direction for future posts.

Your shopper might post something great, but maybe you want to see something different – like a different colored version of your product against a differently textured background. Send them a monetary tip along with a piece of advice about what they can do to earn more tips next time.

Tip shoppers who share a lot of creative photos. Instagrammers with a high volume of content that is still high-quality and gets great engagement are already likely to take many photographs with different variants. Giving them a bit of creative direction, along with store credit, will encourage them to keep up the great work and adjust to the kinds of photos that bring you the most value. Remember, you get direct access to the content they are posting and can use it however you would like!

3. Build a relationship and increase customer loyalty.

Tip shoppers who have only made one or two purchases to entice them to return. A tip gives them a reason to come back for more, and forges a stronger relationship with that shopper. Validate your shoppers and encourage them to become loyal brand advocates.

Tipping a shopper also increases the likelihood that they’ll tell their friends and family, not just by sharing more creative content, but also through word of mouth. This further solidifies the sales-generating-sales path, making it more likely that their peers will also come to you to shop and share content.

Your shoppers are your best advocates, and the cashback reward is a great incentive. But there are some shoppers who go above and beyond with their authentic creativity and brand love. Tips are a way to recognize those shoppers and build loyal relationships.