3 Ideas for Online Brands to Navigate the Coronavirus Outbreak

Besides the day-to-day, community, and personal concerns that the coronavirus outbreak is causing, as a brand, you may also be concerned about the financial impact this crisis will have on your business. Take a breath: we have three pieces of advice to help you stay on the right track through this curveball and come out the other side even stronger than before.

1. Ramp up your digital game

From eCommerce to social media, this is an excellent time to reach your community online. People are curtailing their in-store purchases, so meeting them digitally is key.

This includes advertising eCommerce promotions (including cashback rewards for your shoppers) – particularly those focused on community and unity – along with refining your social media strategy. Use your time and resources to keep people informed about any changes that occur in your store or online related to COVID-19, or to check in with your shoppers and let them know you’re there and you care. Although we may all be physically social-distancing, online communication is more important now than ever.

An important reminder: always be tasteful when promoting your eCommerce store or engaging with shoppers online. Remember that families and individuals are being affected by the virus in many ways, both big and small.

2. Test new online strategies

Right now is the perfect time to experiment with your online strategies. Your digital audience is probably at its peak in terms of size and activity, which means the overall cost of advertising “real estate” will be reduced. This gives you flexibility to tinker with some of your variables, which could then lead you to discover new potential for things including…

  • Improved return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • New active audience segments
  • Insights on consumer behaviors
  • Optimized copy, digital assets, placements, and more

Now is the best time to see what works better, best, or not at all. See what other brands have to say about how the Guru Club Shopify app is driving sales. 

3. Most importantly… keep calm and plan on

Instead of hitting the brakes in a panic, keep a steady course of online promotions and activity. When this crisis ends, you don’t want to regret “going dark” and losing sales during this crucial time to recovery. You especially don’t want to risk brand irrelevance by disappearing right now, when more people are in front of their screens than ever.

For the future good of your brand, use this time to maintain your strong online presence. It is essential that your brand and products remain visible and available digitally for your shoppers. You’ll thank yourself when this crisis is over.

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