3 Ideas for Creating Great Instagram Stories (and Earning Extra Tips!)

Did you know you can get more than just cashback for the stories you post? If brands really love your creative stories, they can choose to send you tips on top of the automatic cashback reward. A tip is store credit you can use to shop with the same brand again. It’s the brand’s way of saying, “Thank you – and we want to see more!”

Not every guru will get tips from brands. While we can’t guarantee that your awesome content will earn you tips, we have some ideas to help inspire you.

1. Think about what makes your most popular Instagram stories so great.

What do your friends and family love to see you post on your story? Maybe it’s a beautiful, aesthetic photo of objects that you arrange in a way that’s uniquely “you.” Maybe it’s a selfie or mirror photo. Maybe every story you share is a hit!

You know best what will grab the attention of the people in your life – especially the ones who share your interests! The best inspiration for your next creative content might be you.

2. Check out the brand’s feed, website, and advertisements.

The brands you love have a life of your own, but you can take inspiration from their existing brand story and breathe new life into them. Think about the colors they use, the way they pose their products and models, and the content their other shoppers are sharing. Then, make it your own. Your creative, authentic, unique take on their brand story is exactly what they want to see.

3. Get creative – do something that’s never been done before. 

It might be a cliché, but it’s advice worth repeating – think outside the box! The way to grab your favorite brand’s attention could be by doing something totally new. Brands are always looking for new ideas to help them stay on the right track and keep up with the trends their shoppers are into. As a guru, you can do more than follow trends: you can set them. Don’t be afraid of your own creativity. It’s what makes you shine!

Remember, the most important thing is that you have fun and keep posting your original, authentic content about purchases you make from brands you love! Cashback is the brand’s way of rewarding you just for being their great shoppers. Anything extra is exactly that – a bonus for being your creative self.