3 Free and Easy Tools for Creating Stellar Instagram Stories

Did you know brands get excited when you tag them in your Instagram stories? When you share a photo or video about your favorite brand, you’re telling their story in an authentic, creative way that only you can. That’s why so many brands are paying their shoppers with cashback for sharing Instagram stories.

If a brand especially loves your Instagram story, they might even tip you. A tip is extra cashback you can get next time you shop with the brand. It’s a great reason to put in extra effort to make your Instagram story stand out!

Instagram story tricks can help you edit your stories right in the app, but we know sometimes it’s worth being a little extra for the aesthetic. So, here are 3 free and easy tools you can use to give your Instagram stories a boost.

1. Story Art

This free app is extremely easy to use and helps you choose exactly the right template or theme for your Instagram story. You have tons of options for adding filters, text, animation, graphics, or stitching multiple photos together in one story.

Story Art is very beginner-friendly, and even if you’re not a beginner, the simple app layout and endless options make it a great way to get creative with your Instagram stories. They’re always adding new templates and fun things to play with, so check it out! They do have a Premium version, which will be easily paid for after getting some cashback and tips.

2. Unfold

The free version of Unfold has plenty of great options for you to use, but you may want to add a few paid template packs – or get their Unfold+ subscription if you really want to get creative. If you’re using the free version, you don’t even have to set up an account to get started.

What makes Unfold especially exciting is how customizable it can be! You can organize your projects into folders and name each folder or story to keep track. You can also sort your theme packs, so your favorite one is always at the top. It’s another beginner-friendly app that makes it easy to edit, add text, change the background, and add stickers.

3. Canva

Canva may not be for photo editor beginners, but that’s only because it’s so customizable, it can be a little overwhelming at first! Once you get a handle on the controls and different elements you can add, it will become very easy to use. Then, you can explore nearly endless options for adding graphics, changing fonts, and more.

There are also many different ways to access Canva’s resources. Canva Stories is a little less overwhelming, but you’ll have many more options if you use the regular app or the desktop version. Eventually, you may even want to upgrade to Canva Pro and create anything you want!

Which of these three tools are you going to try first? We can’t wait to see your creativity and watch you get tipped by brands!